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ADHD In A Snapshot

Are all those suffering from symptoms of ADHD alike?

No. It can vary from person to person and particularly can present differently from men to women.

If I didn’t have ADHD as a child, can I still have it now as an Adult?

Yes, many people move into adulthood with an undiagnosed ADHD, or can develop ADHD with age.

What does an Adult diagnosis mean?

An adult ADHD diagnosis can mean unwarranted functional and psychosocial struggles. It brings many unwarranted struggles in life such as self-esteem issues, relationship problems, occupational failures, injury and accidents.

If the pain of having ADHD is so varied, can a uniform and off-the-shelf treatment help?

ADHD affects both the brain and behavior. Medication can help control symptoms, but often behavioral modification is also an important part of treatment.

Are there one-stop clinics available to manage my ADHD - brain and behavior?

Unfortunately, many ADHD programs start at diagnosis and stop at prescription and management, and these too come with a high price tag.

Our Team

Our Approach

Only 12% of the Canadians with ADHD seek help. Even then, our clinic has always had a large number of ADHD clients. Our varied experience, along with a personal passion to finding ADHD management solutions, led our team of Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Naturopathic Doctors, navigated by Dr Mandeep Singh, to design an integrative approach of customized interventions for Adult ADHD patients. These focus on treatment in addition to diagnosis at an affordable price to reach optical outcomes.

It is really a one-stop step to managing the different aspects of ADHD: brain, behavior and emotions through medicine, lifestyle changes and therapy. Our interventions provide customized care for coping with the complexities and needs of Adult ADHD.



It is estimated more than 1.3 million Canadians adults have ADHD and only 12% actually obtain services as many do not realize they have the disorder. 85% of ADHD patients also suffer from comorbid mental health conditions. Our program includes


Psychiatric Assessment: Client history, symptoms, and if needed a medical exam, and adult rating scales or checklists. Psychiatrist screening, consultation, and followups for medication management.


Customized recommendation plan for the way forward.

Naturopathic Medicine


Dietary guidance for the right foods and supplements can optimize brain function. You will learn to identify unwanted foods, additives and chemicals, to reduce inattention, hyperactivity and other symptoms associated with ADHD.


You will also be given optional diagnostic testing and a customized supplemental plan to maximize your cognitive skills, reduce unwanted associated behaviors and improve focus.


You will get 2 full consulting sessions with our
Naturopathic Doctor



ADHD affects how we think, feel, make decisions, relate to others, and perform at work or at school. Our program will provide you with practical, behavioral tools as well as insight into your particular needs and goals.


Through a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness tips, learning and memory exercises, you improve your focus, concentration, and overall functioning.


The program includes 2 full sessions with our psychotherapists.

Dr. Mandeep Singh
Dr. Jack Muskat
Dr. Jamal Lake
Cimberly Nesker
Dr.Tamarah Chaddah
Dr. Natalie Mulligan
Corrine Wilde

Book & Sign up for the ADHD Management Program

Book our Psychiatric Assessment and recommendation, followed by your individual sessions with the Naturopathic Doctors and Psychotherapists and manage treatment at your own pace over 3 months for a flat charge of $1500.

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