The mind-body connection is more than a new-age catchphrase. Poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health can negatively impact on physical health, leading to an increased risk of some conditions With a background in family medicine and currently a practicing psychiatrist, I lead our team of practitioners to help you maximize your wellness from both perspectives.   

In 2012, we opened our first clinic, Simcoe Place Health Clinic in Downtown Toronto with a focus on preventative and truly collaborative approach to health and wellness. We are now taking it a step further by making Psychological wellness a key part of all our offerings at 1 University. Combining our integrative services with Psychological approaches, including Psychiatric interventions, our goal is to help you achieve optimal health. The advantage of our practice is our interdisciplinary model where our mental health specialists work closely with other practitioners to deliver a well-rounded health care approach.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the research and evidence for these modalities and to help you incorporate some of them into your life in a way that suits your lifestyle.

As Director of Wellness Initiatives at the clinic, I hope to encourage an approach to well-being so that we can help you feel good, live well and work better.


- Dr. Mandeep Singh,

Psychiatrist & Director of Wellness Initiatives