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Naturopathy In A Snapshot

How does a naturopath help with my mental health?

A Naturopathic Doctor will look at your mental health from many different angles: diet, lifestyle, nutrient levels, digestion, hormones etc. Based on a starter intake, the ND identifies any imbalances and correct these, impacting your psychological state.

How does naturopathy fit in with my current treatment plan?

Your ND works closely with the Psychiatrist to ensure the best combination of medication, herbs and supplements for you which increase the medication effect. In addition, we help you modify lifestyle to minimize symptoms not targeted by your medicine, for secondary diagnosis, like sleep disturbance, digestive upset, low energy, etc.

Can you help me come off my medication?

Yes. If you are ready to come off your medication, you can do this safely with an ND. They will help you taper properly so you don’t have side effects of withdrawal or reappearing symptoms.

What are the different types of naturopathic treatments?

There are so many! Supplements are a big one for mental wellness; tinctures, which are liquid herbs are another big one. Diet plays a huge role so your naturopath will work with you to optimize that. We also do lifestyle counselling to make sure your habits are helping you and not hurting you.

What is the connection between food and mood?

Your food provides your body with the nutrients it needs to make happy chemicals. You cant make them without the right micronutrients and macronutrients, and your medication doesn’t work properly either. Food also offers you enjoyment, social gatherings and adventures. Your relationship with food is a great metaphor for the one with your life.

Dr. Natalie Mulligan
Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Tamarah Chaddah
Naturopathic Doctor

Our Approach


Research has proven a strong mind-body connection between our physical and mental health. At BeWell we believe in this connection; one leads to another, and we pride ourselves on our team act to bring this approach into play at our clinic. Instead of you seeking disconnected Naturopaths and MDs, we facilitate you to see our Naturopathic Doctors and MDs, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists collaboratively. Our team works in sync ensuring integrative treatment and care for you. At least twice a week, we get together to understand the client case from different angles – past and present - and create an individualized plan for them best suited for their needs.


Gateway Session


The initial intake is 60 minutes long session where our practioner will understand your history. The questions are designed to be simple and widespread, ensuring all critical aspects of your mental health - sleep, energy, digestion, diet - are covered. This mapping allows us to suggest a suitable treatment plan along with specialized diagnostic tests if needed.


Diagnostic Tests


This assessment gives us a detailed picture of your current health; specialized tests assess your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels along with your digestive flora and health. We identify deficiencies and irregularities presented with symptoms that mirror mental health conditions. We are able to order:


* Genetic testing to assess nutrient absorption

* Micronutrient levels

* Adrenal panels

* Hormone panels

* Stool analysis

* Fatty acid profile

Follow-up sessions

As your focal point of contact, your ND will create a treatment protocol that’s customized for you and create a schedule of follow up sessions that work with your schedule and your needs.


Supplements and Tinctures


Supplements, or nutraceuticals, are high dose micronutrients for a pharmacological effect. They surpass the levels accessible by food/diet, and work alone or with other nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals for greater and safe symptomatic relief.


Tinctures are liquid herbs originally derived from plants. As botanicals, these are gentler than their medication counterparts, without side effects and with multiple medicinal qualities from the sizable active compounds found within a single plant.

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